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We are a graphic design company in Mauritius. Our company mainly provides tailored graphic design and visual communication services to starts up and established SME’s, wishing to  propel their businesses  to the next level. Sui Generis aims to offer its clients a unique perspective in respect of corporate identity and visual communication.

Situated at Coromandel, our agency thrives to offer a quality service at affordable price. With a wide variety of expertise we are experts at delivering high-end design for your business.

Sui Generis aims to deliver comprehensive advice on brand management, desing services and product development to start ups and existing businesses. As a budding tech savvy firm, we seek our inspiration from new technologies and innovative ideas. We work closely with our clients to uncover latent needs and understand the behaviors of their business market, all this whilst respecting the vision of each particular client.

By adhering to this maxim, a genuine and unparalleled result is guaranteed

Sui generis : [1] Latin: is a Latin phrase, meaning “of its own kind/genus” and hence “unique in its characteristics”

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10 Pavé D’amour Lane, Coromandel, Mauritius

Tel: 57757578

E: info@s-generis.com

BRN: I4006235 | VAT: 72552508